SAN CARLOS, Calif. — Pionetics Corporation announces significant improvement to the Field Service Assistant (FSA) — the component of the LINX Drinking Water System that provides detailed diagnostics, according to a press release.

The FSA was developed as a tool for the LINX Technician to provide a detailed and instant readout on the performance and status of a LINX drinking water system and walk them through any required maintenance, stated the release.

Now in addition, the precise readings can tell the technician exactly how much water has been used or produced since the last service, and how many times the system has performed regenerations.

The programmable software and the FSA also provide up to 15 different detailed system conditions, such as regeneration progress and when service is needed, noted the release.

The latest advancement is explained by H. Martin Jessen, vice president of Pionetics Corporation, “This latest enhancement to the FSA enables the technician to reprogram the LINX unit based upon the feedwater quality — further optimizing water recovery rates, customizing the system’s performance and maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.”

Read the entire press release here.