BIRMINGHAM — Jim Lauria, a water technology executive, spoke with Water Technology Assistant Editor Maria Woodie about advanced water treatment solutions.

In this special podcast, Lauria explains how certain countries and cities around the world have advanced water treatment solutions and are often dubbed “The Silicon Valley of water technology” as a result, and he offers insight as to why the real Silicon Valley hasn’t claimed this title.

On improvements U.S. cities can make regarding advanced water technology, Lauria explains, “Right now we see these big centralized systems, [for example] big centralized drinking water plants [and] wastewater plants; I think going into the future, they are going to become more decentralized, in more remote locations [and there will be] more of them but they are going to be smaller; and so they are going to have to be controlled with smart technology with better sensing.”

Lauria continues, “The fact that you can’t manage what you don’t measure, I think a lot of metering is going to be taking place in all of the aspects of water treatment for municipalities. And that is where there are opportunities for smart technology for the cities and municipalities that are looking to better manage their water plants.”

Other highlights in the podcast include: Pressing water-related challenges, understanding the value of water and more.

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