Optimizing Steam Generation in Pulp & Paper

March 26, 2020
Komax Systems leads industry in direct injection steam heaters and static mixing technology

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — The pulp and paper industry is a very energy-intensive industrial sector. As a result, it is crucial to continually improve energy efficiency to the greatest extent.

Energy efficiency saves jobs across all sectors. Companies can boost their profits and secure their workforce by cutting their energy costs.

Pulp and paperboard mills use 15-20% of all energy used in the U.S. manufacturing. Steam generation is a large part. The pulp and paper industry uses 43% of all steam generated nationwide. By incorporating inline direct steam injection systems, mills are experiencing up to 66% reductions in heating costs.

Increased energy efficiency at the mills makes sense not only for a company's bottom line but the environment.

Benefits of a Direct Injection Steam Heater

A direct injection steam heater causes a low-pressure drop in existing flow. This means no extra input is needed to progress the system except steam. These benefits help pulp and paper mills achieve energy efficiency and pursue lean manufacturing goals, says one maker of direct injection steam heaters. The compact heaters incorporate a smoothly flowing steam path that encourages the use of momentum in steam injection.

The design helps the steam input retain momentum, and this conservation of energy is passed onto the product flow.

Innovative Technology

Komax developed and patented a revolutionary Equalizer Mixing Module. It contains six parallel mixing chambers where pulp stock and steam are contacted and mixed. The creation was developed when a Canadian bleach mill approached Komax to create a solution for their chlorine-free (TCF) sequence in response to market demands. These units are installed in mills all around the world, performing without vibration and noise at high mixing efficiency. The Komax direct injection steam heater is vibration-free, which prolongs the life of a production line. While the technology was created a few years ago, it is still running strong in facilities today.

As the pulp and paper industry continues to change, so will Komax's technologies to support them in maintaining efficiency and energy savings.

For more information regarding products or services, contact Komax Systems Inc. at https://komax.com/contact/.

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