Fluence supplies systems to power plant; Permian Basin conference is July 16; Water awards presented

May 29, 2018

Industry news roundup: Fluence supplies ultra-pure water systems to power plant; Water Sourcing & Produced Water Management Permian Basin 2018 is July 16-18; Global Water Awards presented at Global Water Summit.

Fluence supplies ultrapure water systems to power plant

After being selected through an international tender process, Fluence designed, manufactured and supplied containerized ultrapure water systems to the Israel Electric Company (IEC) for its combined-cycle power stations. IEC needed a high-quality source of ultrapure water to use as makeup water for its heat-recovery steam generator (HRSG) and for NOx emission reduction. Containerized systems solved these issues by allowing placement outdoors, with no need for building permits and with minimal construction additions. Each integrated eight-stage system consists of two 40-foot cargo containers and an outside chemical farm. The systems were fabricated at Fluence facilities and delivered to the site — tested and ready for placement and integration.

IEC, which had been using traditional ion exchange technology for ultrapure water, required more ultrapure water for its new generators. Accommodating this increased need meant a switch to gas-transfer membrane and continuous electrodeionization.

Water Sourcing & Produced Water Management, Permian Basin conference is July 16-18

With required volumes of water getting larger every quarter and an even stronger need for a coordinated effort among operators, technology, treatment and transfer service providers, the second annual Water Sourcing & Produced Water Management Permian Basin conference gives attendees the chance to find a collaborative way to manage water not just for short-term fracturing, but also for the long-term future of the Permian Basin.

Day 1: Pre-Conference Seminar, July 16

SWD Permitting, Deep & Shallow Well Injection, Faulting and Seismic Activity

Day 2: Main Conference, July 17

> Full Life-Cycle Water Management Strategies

> Water Quality and Minimum Treatment Levels

> Recycling and Reuse Case Studies

> Treatment for Solids, Scale & Bacteria

Day 3: Main Conference, July 18

> Produced Water Disposal

> Water Sourcing Strategies

> Water Transfer and Automation Solutions

> Storage Strategies

> New Evolving Midstream Models

Speakers include:

Julie Denton, Water Sourcing Manager, Pioneer Natural Resources

Scott Mitchell, Commercial Manager – Water Management, Anadarko Petroleum

Richard Crawford, General Manager, Centennial Resources

Tyler Hussey, Water Resource Engineer, Apache Corp

Jeremy Manno, Infrastructure Design Coordinator, Carrizo Oil & Gas

Brad Whitnell, Midstream Manager, Jetta Operating

Kyle Murray, Hydrologist, Oklahoma Geological Survey

Scott Anderson, Senior Policy Advisor, Environmental Defense Fund

Robert Rubey, Co-Founder, Goodnight Midstream

Amanda Brock, Chief Commercial Officer, Solaris Midstream

2018 Global Water Awards presented at Global Water Summit

The Global Water Summit on April 15–17, 2018, in Paris brought together over 700 executives and business leaders from across the water, finance, technology and industrial sectors of over 60 countries to examine the widespread changes forecast for the water industry. As part of the summit, the 2018 Global Water Awards were presented:

Category: Water Company of the Year

Winner: Evoqua Water Technologies

Distinction: Aqualia

Category: Desalination Company of the Year

Winner: Suez

Distinction: Metito

Category: Smart Water Company of the Year

Winner: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Distinction: Schneider Electric

Category: Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year

Winner: Voltea

Distinction: Moleaer

Category: Water/Wastewater Project of the Year

Winner: Ulu Pandan wastewater treatment pilot

Distinction: El Paso zero discharge plant

Category: Industrial Water Project of the Year

Winner: Arla Foods Milky Water Reuse

Distinction: ABF Ovaltine Effluent Treatment Plant

Category: Municipal Desalination Plant of the Year

Winner: Mirfa IWPP

Distinction: Umm Al Houl IWPP

Category: Industrial Desalination Plant of the Year

Winner: Jazan IGCC desalination plant

Distinction: Sarlux desalination plant

Category: Water Deal of the Year

Winner: Kigali Bulk Water Supply project financing

Distinction: Hamilton biosolids financing

Category: Water Leaders Award

Winner: Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board

Distinction: Agua y Saneamientos Argentinos SA

Category: Smart Water Project of the Year

Winner: Mecca Smart Operations Project

Distinction: Christchurch Pressurised Sewer Project

Category: Water Technology Company of the Year

Winner: Xylem

Distinction: LG Water Solutions

Category: Water Technology Idol

Winner: CosmosID

Distinction: Via Separations

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