Modern Water’s process in brine treatment plant; SUEZ’s system at coal plant; Val-Matic’s team growth

July 23, 2018

Industry news: Modern Water designs process for brine treatment plant in India; SUEZ’s mobile water solutions system saves costs for Pennsylvania coal plant; Val-Matic appoints engineering project manager.

Brine treatment plant based on Modern Water’s AMBC process opened in India

A new brine treatment plant based on Modern Water‘s all membrane brine concentration process (AMBC) was opened by the British Deputy High Commissioner of Gujarat, Geoff Wain. The new plant treats technically challenging wastewater for India chemicals company Bodal Chemicals, a manufacturer of dyes and dye intermediates. This treatment is a crucial part of an energy-efficient process for a highly saline organic-laden effluent stream from dye manufacturing operations that achieves zero liquid discharge (ZLD), so all wastewater is purified and recycled at the end of the treatment cycle.

The project was undertaken by Modern Water in conjunction with its partner in India, Advent Envirocare Technology Pvt Ltd. Modern Water’s AMBC process is based on its proprietary forward osmosis and related processes, which reduces the cost of ZLD plants. In addition to licensing and designing the AMBC, Modern Water provided specialist equipment, supervised commissioning of the plant and trained Bodal’s operations staff. The plant is operated by Bodal’s staff under the supervision of Advent.

SUEZ’s mobile water solutions system saves costs for Pennsylvania coal plant

Plant operations at the Conemaugh Generating Station in New Florence, Pennsylvania, have been using mobile demineralizers since June 2017 and are reaching anticipated savings. By using SUEZ’s mobile MobileFlow trailers enabled with InSight, the Conemaugh Generating Station avoided a required maintenance upgrade to its existing pretreatment equipment — a savings of nearly $700,000. The coal-fired power plant uses SUEZ’s mobile water solutions to produce boiler feedwater. The plant will gain $220,000 in annual operating cost savings, reduce chemicals associated with the makeup demineralized (DI) systems and optimize water consumption, which subsequently reduces treated wastewater discharge into the Conemaugh River.

Val-Matic appoints engineering project manager

Val-Matic appointed Tim O’Shea as new engineering project manager. O’Shea has more than 18 years of experience and seven valve-related U.S. patents. In addition to his valve design and application experience, he participates in American Water Works Association (AWWA) committees covering air, ball, butterfly, check, cone, plug valves as well as those for valve actuators, waterworks gaskets and elastomers, and grooved end connections. He is the chair of the AWWA subcommittee on hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. O’Shea is also active in MSS committees and is the chair of the MSS cast iron valve committee and the MSS coordinating committee.

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