Thordon bearings to enter hydro power market; Hacha launches business unit; Blue Danube and Redline collaborate

Industry news: Thordon bearings to enter hydro power market; Hacha launches business unit; Blue Danube and Redline Communications collaborate.

Struzyska hydro power plant near Pila, Poland. Courtesy of Thordon Bearings
Struzyska hydro power plant near Pila, Poland. Courtesy of Thordon Bearings

Thordon bearings to enter hydro power market with new turbine range

Thordon Bearings, through its subsidiary T-G DNALOP, was awarded a 1.3 million zloty grant from Poland’s National Centre of Research and Development (NCBiR) to design, manufacture and market a series of new micro-hydro turbines in the 5 to 100kW range. Thordon Bearings will collaborate with the Polish Academy of Sciences to develop a low-noise, pollution-free, efficient, double-regulated Kaplan-type turbine based on Permanent Magnet (PM) technology.

Work will start in October to prepare the Struzyska facility for turbine manufacture and testing, with the plant’s existing 17kW No.2 turbine scrapped to make way for the new design. The other two machines at the plant will be refurbished to showcase the new turbine along with Thordon’s new range of water-lubricated turbine guide bearings, wicket gate bearings and face seals, all of which will be a key feature of the environmentally sustainable turbine.

The hydro turbine is expected to be installed and commissioned at the Struzyska facility in December 2020, with an additional set of turbines produced for onward sale.

Hacha launches business unit to mitigate PFAS in processing water

Perfluorinated and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS), a class of more than 4,000 man-made chemicals, have been added to consumer and industrial products since the 1940s, ranging from the production of nonstick cookware and food packaging to stain-resistant fabrics and firefighting foam.

To limit legal exposure for manufacturers using water in their operations, Hacha Products Corporation launched SolvePFAS, a vertically integrated laboratory solely dedicated to PFAS risk assessment and mitigation solutions. By integrating environmental science, thought leadership, advanced laboratory research and data analytics, SolvePFAS gives manufacturers highly defensible data concerning their own environmental impact and potential role in human health endangerment.

Blue Danube Systems and Redline Communications collaborate on 3D beamforming

Blue Danube Systems, a provider of mobile wireless access solutions, and Redline Communications, a provider of industrial wireless broadband network connectivity solutions for mission-critical applications, announced a strategic collaboration to deploy 3D beamforming solutions in private LTE/5G networks, meshing each companies’ platforms and technologies. The companies have also announced plans for further research and development to advance integrated solutions to transform experiences in industrial deployments.

Industrial companies often have local connectivity needs and operate in remote locations or temporary sites, such as mines, power plants, offshore oil rigs, container ports, factories and warehouses where connectivity for these environments can be challenging. While standalone wireless networks to serve devices and users within a localized area have significantly improved performance and reliability, the rapid growth of industrial automation brings new challenges and opportunities for these private networks.

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