IDE showcases falling film evaporator for SAGD water treatment in Canada

May 19, 2015
IDE Technologies has hosted exclusive guided tours of its horizontal falling film evaporator for SAGD water treatment at a fabrication shop in the city of Calgary, Alberta, in Canada.

May 19, 2015 -- At the end of April, IDE Technologies, a global provider of water treatment solutions, hosted exclusive guided tours of its horizontal falling film evaporator for steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) water treatment at a fabrication shop in the city of Calgary, Alberta, in Canada.

Over three days, more than 120 industry professionals had the opportunity to experience IDE's SAGD Horizontal Evaporator first hand and learn more about the standardization through design, modularity and prefabrication for reduced installation cost.

The assembly also offered experts the chance to observe the technology's unique feature of removable tubes bundles designed to reduce operational downtime by 80 percent.

Robust, reliable water evaporators that have the ability to deal with the chemical composition of the water, fouling conditions, scaling, silica precipitation, and the remote environment of Alberta Oil Sands are critical to SAGD.

IDE is able to address the SAGD industry's specific needs with cost-effective solutions that are resilient to extreme weather conditions, energy efficient, and easy to transport, build and deploy.

In such remote environments, ease of maintenance, high safety, fast recovery from upset conditions, and lower installation costs is key. IDE's solutions are closed cycle so there is less makeup due to high recovery.

While oil prices are calling to improve project viability, IDE's Horizontal Evaporator represents a reliable, sustainable and economical solution for a variety of applications.

See related video of IDE's horizontal falling film MVC evaporator:

About IDE Technologies

A specialist in water treatment solutions, IDE Technologies focuses on the development, engineering, construction and operation of some of the world's largest and most advanced thermal and membrane desalination facilities and industrial water treatment plants, delivering approximately 3 million m3/day of high-quality water worldwide. IDE offers customers a unique end-to-end solution and a one process guarantee from one supplier, from pre-treatment and RO, to brine concentration and brine crystallization. For more information, visit


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