Saudi Aramco to take delivery of MBBR from Veolia

Nov. 28, 2016
Veolia Water Technologies will engineer and procure a wastewater treatment plant for the Jazan Refinery and Terminal in Saudi Arabia...

PARIS, France - Veolia, through its subsidiary Veolia Water Technologies, has been chosen by contractor Tecnicas Reunidas to engineer and procure a wastewater treatment plant for the Jazan Refinery and Terminal in Saudi Arabia.

Jazan Refinery and Terminal, wholly-owned and operated by national oil company Saudi Aramco, is a new refinery and terminal in the Kingdom’s southwest with an expected capacity to process 400,000 bpd of Arabian Heavy and Arabian Medium crude once commissioned in 2017.

The Jazan complex will feature a power plant with a total capacity of 4,000 MW. Veolia will engineer and procure a wastewater treatment facility for the power plant, which will feature biological treatment, oily water treatment and metal removal treatment. The facility will be commissioned in 2017.

The 1,000 m3/hour biological treatment package will include Veolia proprietary technologies such as AnoxKaldnes Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), Actiflo and Multiflo high-rate clarifiers and Hydrotech Discfilters.

Oily water treatment will be achieved by combining two Veolia technologies developed specifically for the Oil & Gas market: the MPP TiPSS Tilted Plate Interceptor (TPI) and the Whittier Power Clean technology, which is a nutshell filter media, designed for effective removal of oil and suspended solids.

Finally, Multiflo and various chemicals will be used in the third treatment step to remove metals. The deoiling and metal removal treatment steps will both have a capacity of 550 m3/h.

Veolia has worked on several projects for previously for Saudi Aramco, including a desalination plant which supplies the Sadara petrochemical complex built by Dow Chemical and Saudi Aramco in Jubail City.


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