Union Hills sludge removal contract awarded

July 21, 2003
Parkson Corp. has been awarded a major contract for a sludge removal system at the Union Hills Water Treatment Plant.

LAKE BLUFF, Illinois, July 21, 2003 -- Parkson Corp. has been awarded a major contract for the sludge removal system for the "Union Hills Water Treatment Plant 160 MGD Improvements Project, Phase 3A, Pretreatment Facilities/Security Improvements".

The sludge removal system will contain 36 SuperScraper™ units designed to cover approximately 157,500 square feet of basin floor. The flexible design of the SuperScraper system will easily accommodate the sloping walls of the impoundment basin.

The full project scope includes chemical pretreatment as well as the SuperScraper sludge removal system. This upgrade will allow the plant to take raw water from the Colorado River at any time regardless of raw water quality and deliver a better effluent to the filtration process.

The project was designed by the Phoenix office of Carollo Engineers. The contractor is Hunter Contracting Company. Start-up is scheduled for the Spring of 2004.

Parkson Corporation, with offices in Florida (Corporate), Illinois, Michigan, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, is a provider of process and mechanical technology for applications in municipal water and wastewater as well as industrial process water and wastewater.

More information: www.parkson.com