Ovivo recognized for collaborating to develop new wafer fab consortium

Aug. 1, 2013
Ovivo of GLV Inc., was recognized for collaborating with other companies to develop the wafer fab Facility 450 Consortium (F450C).

MONTREAL, CANADA, August 1, 2013 -- Ovivo, a business sector of GLV Inc. (GLV Group), an international technological company active in the water treatment and pulp and paper sectors, was recently recognized for collaborating with a small group of other companies to develop the wafer fab Facility 450 Consortium (F450C).

Following the formal announcement from New York's Governor Cuomo of the formation of the F450C, ten major nanoelectronics facility companies from around the world will collaborate at SUNY's College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) to design and build the 450mm computer chip fabrication facilities. At the semiconductor industry's annual SEMICON West tradeshow, which took place in San Francisco, Calif., on July 9-11, the F450C hosted its first public panel discussion about facility and infrastructure solutions for the transition to 450mm wafer fabrication.

Beyond the manufacturing hurdles that 450mm wafer processing brings, these wafer fabs present new challenges with respect to the design of the facilities, substrate handling, tool connection, chemical distribution, water and electrical systems, and many other areas. Where the G450C provides 450mm equipment and process technologies, the goal of the F450C is to develop facility and infrastructure solutions essential to the transition to 450mm wafer fabrication.

About the GLV Group

GLV Group is comprised of international businesses primarily active in the sectors of water treatment (Ovivo) and pulp and paper (GL&V Pulp and Paper) that offers comprehensive technological solutions as well as services and equipments tailored to the needs of its customers. GLV Group's business units operate in more than 25 countries and employ approximately 2,100 employees. GLV Inc. is a public company whose shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbols GLV.A and GLV.B. www.glv.com

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