Industrial Water Day now less than two weeks away

Sept. 20, 2013
In light of the increased demand for water from the power generation sector, this year will see the POWER-Gen Asia event for the first time hosting an Industrial Water Day as part of its conference programme to provide information on this growing market...
IDE Technologies' 200,000 m3/day plant in Tianjin, China is one of the world's largest MED desalination facilities

With power production expected to double its need for water over the next 40 years, industrial water and wastewater solutions are seeing an increase in demand.

Faced with a booming population and associated power requirements, Asia faces an enormous challenge when it comes to water supply for power generation. China alone is expected to see its water demand increase by a further 15%.

Cooling water, boiler feedwater and wastewater treatment all require increasing expertise and technical solutions to meet regulatory demands. The World Energy Council predicts that by 2050, total power demand for water is expected to increase by 100 billion cubic meters.

As a result, this year will see the POWER-Gen Asia event for the first time hosting an Industrial Water Day as part of its conference programme to provide information on this growing market.

Taking place on Thursday October 3, 2013, the Water Day will run in conjunction with the other four conference tracks taking place as part of this year's POWER-GEN Asia Conference.

Supported by the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority and the Provincial Waterworks Authority of Thailand, the Industrial Water Day will showcase how the latest water technologies are being installed by the global leading providers, including Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, Metito, GE Water, Aquatech, Siemens Water Technologies, Ovivo, Nalco and others.

Delegates can find out the latest developments of how Asia’s power generation community is handling water and putting to use new and innovative technologies, such as Membrane Biorector, electrodeionization, and how these could lead to a zero liquid discharge approach.

The new conference sessions are designed to provide highlights of some of the leading Asian countries when it comes to water management. Along with an opening strategic session, a technical program will demonstrate how the latest water technologies are being used in power generation.

POWER-GEN Asia, co-located with Renewable Energy World Asia, at the IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Centre, is the leading force in delivering a platform for the power industry to meet, share information on the challenges facing the power industry and discuss solutions for advancing Asia's energy future. Attracting 7,000 delegates and attendees from over 60 countries from across South East Asia and around the world, it is the industry's premier conference and exhibition dedicated to the power generation, renewable and alternative energy industries.


- POWER-GEN Asia and Renewable Energy World Asia, the region's premier conference and exhibition for all aspects of the power generation industry, will return to Bangkok, Thailand on October 2-4, 2013. For a full conference programme of the Industrial Water Day, please click here.

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