TN water treatment service center to provide solutions to municipal, industrial customers

June 24, 2013
Envirogen launched its Service Center in Memphis, TN, offering technology-based water treatment solutions to industrial and municipal customers.

KINGWOOD, TEXAS, June 24, 2013 -- Envirogen Technologies, Inc. (Envirogen) announced the launch of the Envirogen Service Center in Memphis, Tenn., offering technology-based water treatment solutions to industrial and municipal customers.

Focuses of the Service Center include ion exchange and adsorptive media regeneration, system design and installation for deionized water (DI) production for a variety of industrial needs, heavy metals removal and recovery, precious metals removal and recovery, reverse osmosis systems, and more.

The Center also provides laboratory capabilities for project assessment and pilot studies. Envirogen's Memphis location has been the company's primary research, application technology and logistical support group for its North American operations and will now support water treatment and manufacturing operations outside the company.

The Center's ion exchange and adsorptive media services include:

  • Service exchange for 8", 14", 30" and 36" diameter ion exchange vessels
  • Toll processing/regeneration of customer media
  • Custom resin selection to meet specific water treatment/quality criteria
  • Analytical laboratory testing, bench scale trials, in-house piloting and at-site piloting
  • Ion exchange resin supply

The Service Center also designs, installs and services temporary and mobile treatment systems for industrial process water, boiler feedwater and wastewater applications. For industrial process and boiler water, applications include deionization, the removal of sodium, hardness, barium, chlorides, sulfates, alkalinity and silica. Wastewater and process water applications include the treatment and/or recovery of metals -- such as molybdenum and chromium -- as well as other contaminants.