Water purification company expands portfolio of condensate polishing technologies

Dec. 6, 2011
Under a new agreement, Aquatech International will bring an advanced condensate polishing technology from Germany to the North American market...

CANONSBURG, PA, Dec. 6, 2011 -- Under a new agreement, Aquatech International Corporation will bring an advanced condensate polishing technology to the North American market, while simultaneously expanding its range of offerings to customers in the power generation, semiconductor, electronics and chemical industries.

The agreement between Aquatech International and WasserBauGesellschaft Kulmbach GmbH (WBG), a leading water technology company based in Germany, provides Aquatech with the exclusive North American license for WBG's RSR Plus® Condensate Polishing Technology.

RSR Plus is an optimized process for the transport, separation and external regeneration of ion exchange resins. RSR Plus is applied when regeneration of resins in the filter vessel is not possible or not desired. This technology is primarily used for high-pressure condensate polishing systems for turbine condensate in power plants, but external regeneration of ion exchange resins is applied as well in the semiconductor, electronics and chemical industries. WBG has an impressive reference list with this technology.

Excellent quality of treated water can be achieved due to the special and highly effective separation process with low cross contamination. In addition to achieving high purity of treated water, the technology offers significant CAPEX and OPEX advantages. Benefits that deliver long term value to the customer include reduced resin recycling and regeneration, low water demand for resin transportation, reduction of components in contact with regeneration chemicals, excellent removal of entrapped solids and fines, very low resin loss, high degree of automation, and low maintenance requirements.

Both Aquatech and WBG have significant experience in the treatment of condensate. Aquatech has been supplying condensate polishing plants to industry for the past 20 years. WBG has achieved significant success as demonstrated by the development of an innovative external regeneration technology that represents a significant advancement over conventional condensate polishing systems available in the market. This cooperation agreement enables Aquatech to bring added value to its power clients through improved process and differentiated resin separation technology and components.

"Aquatech is very pleased to announce this alliance. We are committed to continuously bring to our customers the latest technology-based, value-added processes and services. Our strategic alliance with WBG firmly positions Aquatech as a total solution provider to the power industry and enhances our portfolio by offering the most advanced condensate polishing technology available today," said Devesh Mittal, Head of Industrial Solutions - North America for Aquatech.

Wolfgang Neubrand, MD of WBG International, noted that, "We are excited about this cooperation. With Aquatech, we are aligned with the market leader in the power sector in North America and a recognized global leader in water purification technology."

The agreement with WBG marks the second time in recent months that Aquatech has expanded its capabilities through a key strategic alliance. In July, Aquatech announced that it made a strategic investment into WEX Technologies Private Limited, a leading provider of performance water treatment chemicals and services.


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