Reducing Waste in Stamping, Machining Operations

March 1, 2018
A Brite treatment precipitates and encapsulates oils from spent coolant, then captures it as a non-hazardous sludge for a surface finishing client in North Texas.

Simple treatment reduces spent machine coolant

Most stamping and machining operations generate a tremendous amount of emulsified oil wastewater, usually in the form of spent machine coolant. Many operations don’t know exactly what to do with this costly outgrowth of their business.

Recently, A Brite Company stepped in to help one of its long-time surface finishing clients in North Texas. The Ennis, Texas-based customer manufactures high-quality ferrules and eyelets as well as other deep draw stampings.

“They were hauling off large quantities of spent machine coolant from their stamping operation,” said Pat Vonasek, A Brite’s technical business director who has known the client for over 20 years. “We were able to implement a simple precipitation waste treatment process to reduce the amount of waste being generated.”

The customized solution is based on A Brite’s WBC product line. The treatment precipitates and encapsulates the oils from the spent coolant then captures it as a non-hazardous sludge.

“We were able to reduce the quantity and cost of our haul-off by half,” the customer company’s operations manager said. “A Brite helped us design the system and then provided us the chemicals to use with it. We’ve been running this system for three months and the savings are significant.”

A customized solution based on A Brite’s WBC product line precipitates and encapsulates the oils from the spent coolant then captures it as a non-hazardous sludge for a surface finishing client.

The customer was primarily a finishing client. During a visit, A Brite talked to the customer about its waste treatment operations. With roots in the surface finishing industry, A Brite Company is a key distributor and chemical blender of surface finishing products, industrial cleaners and environmental waste treatment solutions. A Brite has been based in the Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, Metroplex since 1982.

“The approach A Brite took mirrors our company’s ideals of designing and producing quality products for our customers,” the client said. “Being environmentally sound is critical for our success and the health of the community we live and work in.” IWW

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