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Oct. 1, 2018
Boiler runs flawlessly for over two decades of simulated operation.

Boiler runs flawlessly for over two decades of simulated operation

Designed for variable primary flow systems, Fulton’s ENDURA+ firetube condensing boilers represent a revolution in firetube condensing boiler technology. Whereas conventional boiler designs transfer stresses directly onto the most critical components, Fulton’s patent-pending stress reliever completely eliminates these stresses and significantly increases boiler longevity. Furthermore, ENDURA+ provides industry-­leading performance without sacrificing durability.

Fulton’s patent-pending stress reliever significantly increases boiler longevity.

In laboratory testing, an EDR+ 3000 recently surpassed 155,000 ignition cycles — running flawlessly through more than 20 years’ worth of ignition events. Conditions during the testing cycle included sealed combustion to vary inlet air temperature and connection to a pump skid to create variances in water temperature. Gas pressure was also modulated to create a wide range in supply pressures. In aggregate, the regularly altered testing variables simulated a range of installation environments.

Many popular commercial heating products have common lifespans of less than 10 years. “We put an EDR+ 3000 through a series of tests designed to make sure it maintained performance through all running conditions — against more than 20 years’ worth of wear and tear — and it met or exceeded all our milestones and expectations for reliability and durability,” Tom Tighe, senior R&D systems engineer, said.

Inside view of Fulton’s ENDURA+ firetube condensing boiler.

Fulton’s heater systems and temperature control units (TCU) may be used for batch or continuous processes in pharmaceutical applications. These single-fluid systems may be designed to heat and/or cool single or multiple reactor systems (reactors can be glass lined or half pipe).

These systems often include controls suitable for a Class I Div 2 area classification, and can provide repeatable process results with +/-2°F temperature control. IWW

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