Eliminating Electrical Hazards with Remote Diagnostics

Feb. 1, 2018
Bluetooth-enabled remote diagnostics allow workers to interact with electrical equipment using a smartphone or tablet from outside the panel.

Electrical safety is something that cannot be ignored in the workplace. Plant workers are routinely placed at risk for electric shock and arc-flash hazards while performing their duties.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) holds promise for eliminating this hazard. If electrical equipment can communicate its status to workers via the IIoT or wirelessly, then there will be less need for workers to enter electrical panels, thus eliminating the arc flash and shock hazard. Remote diagnostics with Bluetooth technology, through devices like the Littelfuse MP8000 motor protection relay, allow workers to interact with electrical equipment using a smartphone or tablet from outside the panel.

The Littelfuse MP8000 is an example of a motor protection relay that communicates to a technician’s smart phone via a Bluetooth connection.

The MP8000 interacts with a smartphone or tablet with the Littelfuse App at a safe distance of up to 30 feet. From the app, operators can view system statuses, line-to-line voltage, line current, power (in kilowatts), motor run time, start count and thermal capacity. This allows the worker to perform duties away from the hazard.

During troubleshooting, a technician can stand by the motor during a restart while viewing real-time conditions of the motor on the app. The fault page lists up to 1,000 faults with the most recent faults first so the technician can see exactly what has been going on with the motor. Should the settings of the relay need to be adjusted, it can be done directly from the app — no adjustment on the relay itself is required.

With the Littelfuse MP8000 installed, workers can see fault codes and troubleshoot motors via a Bluetooth connection to their smart phone while remaining safely outside the electrical panel.

The MP8000 protects any motor drawing 0.5-1,000 full load amps. It is designed for single- or three-phase systems with operating voltages of 90-690 VAC. It can be used in many applications from conveyor systems and HVAC equipment to almost any pumping applications, including lift stations and water treatment plants.

Eliminating the hazard is the surest way to keep your workers safe, and remote diagnostics are a reliable and effective solution. IWW

For more information on Littelfuse or the MP8000, visit littelfuse.com/bluetoothrelay.

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