Boiler Feedwater

July 1, 2002
Zellweger Analytics offers a line of analytical instrumentation suitable for water production, boiler feedwater, steam condensates and cooling water monitoring needs.

Analytical instrumentation

Zellweger Analytics offers a line of analytical instrumentation suitable for water production, boiler feedwater, steam condensates and cooling water monitoring needs. Parameters monitored include pH/ORP, conductivity, silica, sodium, oxygen, hydrazine, chlorine, iron, phosphate, chloride, calcium, hardness, alkalinity, ammonia, total organic carbon, etc. Such analytical instrumentation is playing an increasingly important role in the operation of the modern power plant as the industry's technology advances towards the use of once-through or supercritical boilers.
Zellweger Analytics
Atlanta, GA
Tel: 800-535-0606

Water treatment

Osmonics offers a variety of water treatment systems for boiler feedwater applications. The company can supply reverse osmosis units designed to fit into an existing plant or help create a complete new water treatment system from sand filters to electrodionization (EDI) units. Its RO systems can be used to treat water that is directly fed to a low pressure boiler or to pre-treat water that is then fed to a DI system and finally on to a high pressure boiler. The company's staff can help with analyzing current needs, and estimating potential paybacks and possible system configurations.
Osmonics Inc.
Minnetonka, MN
Tel: 800-848-1750

DO removal

GE Betz' CorTroltrademark products remove dissolved oxygen remaining in boiler feedwater systems after mechanical deaeration. The products control oxygen corrosion in both feedwater and condensate systems, improve equipment reliability and reduce maintenance costs. They reduce condensate iron and copper levels, increasing the quality of usable condensate and increasing boiler reliability. The GE Betz company was formed recently when GE Specialty Materials, a unit of General Electric Co., completed the acquisition of the water treatment services business of BetzDearborn.
GE Betz
Trevose, PA
Tel: 215-355-3300

Analytical instruments

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The Myron L Company offers analytical instruments for boiler water testing. It's Ultrameter™ is priced like affordable single-parameter instruments, but does the job of three, four or even six instruments. The meters deliver performance of ±1% of reading. They feature advanced four-electrode conductivity cell technology, a unique pH/ORP sensor and microprocessor-based circuitry. The instruments have a full four-digit LCD with displayed values of up to 9999 ?s/ppm.
Myron L. Co.
Carlsbad, CA
Tel: 760-438-2021

Steam separator

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Leslie Controls has introduced the Eliminator Series Steam Separator: a low maintenance solution for removing entrained moisture, condensate, dirt, scale and other contaminants in steam and compressed air systems. The separator uses an internal baffle system which extracts moisture and solids above 10 microns. The unit has no moving parts and is self-draining without steam loss.
Leslie Controls Inc.
Tampa, FL
Tel: 800-439-4485

Boiler controllers

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Walchem's WDB300 Series controllers feature dual conductivity input channels for use in control of boilers under 250 psi. The controller automates blowdown and chemical feed of two boilers within 500 feet of each other. The company's Series WDC300 monitors the condensate return of two nearby boilers and will automatically divert contaminated condensate.
Walchem Corp.
Holliston, MA
Tel: 508-429-1110

High temperature flowmeters

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A new series of flowmeter transducers, specially designed for use in high-temperature applications, has been introduced by Thermo Polysonics. Constructed of customized heat-resistant materials that make them ideal for temperatures up to 375 degrees F, the new transducers are completely submersible. The hTemp High-Temperature Transducers are compatible with the company's transit time flowmeters, including dedicated and portable models. Standard cable length is 30 ft. for the dedicated units and 16 ft. for portable models. The transducers can be used with most metallic and plastic pipes to 200 in. in diameter.
Thermo Polysonics
Houston, TX
Tel: 713-272-0404 Web:

Deposit inhibitor

The AdVANtage Plus deposit inhibitor series from Ashland are easy to feed liquid treatments for steam generating systems. A polymer-based program, the deposit inhibitors combine new polymers with proven deposit inhibitors. Deposit inhibition is accomplished by the VANgardtrademark polymer package, a combination of advanced polymers. These polymers inhibit the formation of hardness-based scale crystals and disperse scale fragments in the boiler water. This polymeric action is enhanced by sequestering agents, which complex deposit-forming cations in the feedwater and provide on-stream cleaning. Iron in the boiler water is kept in the soluble ferrous form by an iron reducing agent, which allows sequestrants in the product series to complex and remove iron via blowdown.
Ashland Specialty Chemical Co. / Drew Industrial Division
Boonton, NJ
Tel: 973-263-7600

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