Power-Gen International

Oct. 1, 2009
LAS VEGAS hosts Power-Gen International – Join over 18,000 attendees Dec. 8-10 in Las Vegas for Power-Gen International.

LAS VEGAS hosts Power-Gen International – Join over 18,000 attendees Dec. 8-10 in Las Vegas for Power-Gen International. A PennWell event co-located with Nuclear Power, it’s the industry’s largest information exchange on power industry trends and challenges, featuring more than 200 presentations in 14 educational tracks.

Ragless impeller

SPX Process Equipment’s LIGHTNIN Operation introduces the Clean Edge impeller, a solution to the “dirty problem” of rag buildup in Municipal and Industrial wastewater treatment. For use in all services that require a ragless impeller, the impeller remains free of fibrous debris while delivering performance equal to a hydrofoil impeller. After nine months of continuous operation, it exhibited no rag buildup on the diameter, had the same power draw as when installed, and caused no mechanical issues while delivering the required mixing in this anoxic basin. SPX Corp., Charlotte, NC, 585-527-1658, www.spx.com

Liquid process filtration

Eaton Filtration’s new line of filters includes the LOFMEM™ membrane filter, LOFPLEAT™ pleated filter, LOFTREX™ depth filter, and a series of specialty filters marketed under the brands LOFSORB™, LOFMET™ and LOFCLEAN™ engineered for a range of liquid process applications across a number of industries. The membrane cartridges are absolute rated filters for precise, repeatable, sub-micron level filtration. Pleated cartridges provide higher surface area than depth filters for greater dirt holding and longer on-stream life. Eaton Corp. - Filtration Division, Islin, NJ, 732-767-4200, www.eaton.com

Bonding solutions

Henkel introduces nine new products for the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) user, including fast setting adhesives, high-performance adhesives, plastic bonders, metal bonders and wood bonders. The latest Loctite® adhesive innovations are specially formulated to offer tough, durable bonds to a variety of surfaces. Henkel Corp., Rocky Hill, CT, 860-228-8056, www.henkelna.com


Groschopp’s new line of IEC Right Angle (RA) Gearboxes with hollow output allow options for right, left or dual shaft configurations for the industrial machine industry. All nine sizes (26-130 mm) are in stock and ready to ship in 48 hours or less. Sizes RA26 through RA90 have high thermal capacity die-cast aluminum housings, designed for exceptionally efficient heat dissipation, resulting in maximum torque output in a highly compact package. Larger sizes, RA110 and RA130, are cast iron. Groschopp Inc., Sioux Center, IA, 800-829-4135, www.groschopp.com

Seal support reservoir

The Flowserve W8 Series Seal Support Reservoir increases reliability of mechanical seals, decreases operating costs and minimizes process leakage. With a three-gallon reservoir, it’s designed to support dual mechanical seals by supplying a reliable water buffer or barrier that optimally manages water consumption. For peak performance, liquid-lubricated dual-pressurized and non-pressurized mechanical seals require clean, cool and well-lubricated secondary seal conditions. The design features a visual water flow indicator and a 316 SS tubing/cooling coil to maintain optimal buffer/barrier temperature while providing excellent corrosion resistance. Flowserve Corp., Dallas, TX, www.flowserve.com

Scale inhibitor, disinfectant

The new Mazon® S technology joins BASF’s Aseptrol® CW solutions in its water treatment portfolio, providing excellent silica scale inhibition and allowing water cooling systems to operate at increased cycles of concentration to reduce makeup water and disposal needs for improved system efficiency. Compared to other commercially available products in established laboratory procedures, Mazon has shown excellent silica stabilization. The EPA-registered Aseptrol CW is a reliable, easy-to-use delivery system that regulates precise feed of chlorine dioxide into small-to-medium size cooling water systems. BASF Corp., Florham Park, NJ, 973-245-6425, www.basf.com/usa

Peristaltic pumps

The new Thermo Scientific Masterflex® P/S line of digital peristaltic pumping systems is available a standard digital drive, computerized drive, or stainless steel NEMA 4X process drive. Advantages for industrial users include repeatability of 0.1% to maximize productivity in precision chemical feed, batch dispensing and filling applications. A turndown ratio upwards to 6,000-to-1 provides users with substantial flexibility in volume and time of dispense in addition to a seamless operation and an extremely broad flow range within a single tubing size. Plus, with flow capacities from 0-54 GPH, you can achieve a flow range of 380,000-to-1 in one self-priming pump head. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., Barrington, IL, 847-842-2367, www.thermo.com/fluidhandling

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