Zinkan Enterprises Inc. becomes authorized dealer of Matec filtration technology

Feb. 23, 2016
Technology can help dewater cleaning and waste water by up to 90%.

CLEVELAND, Feb. 23, 2016 -- ZEI announced today that they partnered with Matec and are now an authorized dealer. Matec specializes in the design and development of wastewater purification and filtration plants for the aggregate, stone, wastewater, sand, gravel, ceramics, and glass industries. These purification plants have been installed all over the world and can fulfill the most demanding applications. This ground-breaking technology can help dewater cleaning and waste water by up to 90% with minimal use of flocculants and in addition gives you the return of clear water for you to reuse in your production process.

ZEI not only offers the entire Matec line of products, but will step in to provide water treatment, contract services, maintenance, and equipment/equipment rentals; makin operations as hands-free as possible. Matec plants are based on the principle of the static decantation and the natural decantation of the suspended solids. The clarification time is reduced thanks to the proper proportioning of the silo and the use of the proper polyelectrolyte (flocculant). Matec guarantees minimum times of clarification for any kind of processing. All Matec's special painted steel items are exclusively coated with an anti-chloride type substance without any quality discriminations.

"Matec equipment offers organizations a unique pathway to remediate water slurry settling ponds and tanks for industrial processes while reducing overall costs for chemical treatment," said Dr. Timothy Drake, ZEI's Vice President of Marketing and Product Development. "I feel our customers will be impressed by the extraordinary results experienced, the low implementation costs, and our ability to keep providing solutions to help them improve their bottom line."

Take advantage of ZEI's new methods to save water and your money. To learn more about Matec please visit www.zinkan.com/matec.

About ZEI
ZEI is an Ohio based manufacturing services company that focuses on water-related markets. They provide chemicals to clean and re-use water for industrial processes, to control air-Dust dust levels, to control freezing, and to keep closed loop systems (boilers & cooling towers) operating at peak efficiency. They are a solutions oriented company, in that they can provide the chemicals, equipment, and service to address the issue at hand. Their professional field personnel are backed by a staff of analytical chemists, an extensive logistical network with decades of experience in water-based chemistry. Their commercial staff is available around the clock and can deliver products anywhere in the world. Contact Tim Drake, VP of Marketing and Product Development, for additional information. Phone: 800.229.6801.