Water infrastructure projects in Canada announced by Filterboxx

Oct. 29, 2012
FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp. along with the COMBO Energy Services Division have announced the initiation of significant project activity for the third quarter.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, Oct. 29, 2012 -- Mr. Larry Novachis, Chief Executive Officer of FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp. ("FilterBoxx") along with the COMBO Energy Services Division ("COMBO") have announced the initiation of significant project activity for the third quarter. Mr. Novachis comments that "These strategic projects and initiatives demonstrate the successful implementation of our long range Business Plans in a number of key areas."

Custom Engineered/Turnkey Solutions

FilterBoxx was chosen to complete a major effluent field project in Northern Alberta. The project involves a custom distribution system to accommodate more than 750m3 of treated wastewater. In addition, the effluent field requires heat tracing and ground protection for more than 4.6 kilometers of effluent field piping. FilterBoxx has provided the potable water treatment and wastewater treatment systems as well as site utilities including the sewage collection and water and fire water distribution systems for this client.

Proven Physical/Chemical Process Water and Wastewater Solutions

FilterBoxx was chosen by a Calgary based client to provide de-oiling and clarification of water to support a polymer flood application in Saskatchewan. The project will involve treatment of both produced water and ground water to supply 1200m3/day of water for production purposes. The produced water system features proprietary FilterBoxx treatment chemistry and methods in combination with oil & water separation equipment. Mr. Novachis commented "many of the oil and gas producers are beginning to look for alternatives to fresh water for production needs. We look forward to applying FilterBoxx engineering capability and industry knowledge to this challenge."

FilterBoxx products and services have traditionally been provided to oil & gas customers in Alberta. A remote Northern Ontario based hard rock mining operation, specializing in precious metals production, has selected FilterBoxx to provide a turnkey packaged wastewater treatment solution. The systems are designed to process up to 360m3/day of mining camp and infrastructure waste water. This project will be located on the threshold to the "Ring of Fire" development in Northern Ontario. We expect the traditional product offering of FilterBoxx to provide exceptional value to clients in this rapidly developing area.

Each of the above projects leverages FilterBoxx "packaged water system" expertise. In all cases, the treatment processes were designed to meet the extreme temperatures of Canadian winters. In addition, the treatment processes will be delivered pre-engineered and assembled, minimizing onsite construction and commissioning requirements. Finally, the FilterBoxx construction team will provide services and support for integration of water systems to site infrastructure.

New Business Initiatives to Support Growth and Customer Care

FilterBoxx announces the formation of a Process Services Division. This services group has been formed to meet increasing client demand for remote monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance support. FilterBoxx will provide the unique capability of remote monitoring of facility performance with onsite support when required. We will assure system performance beyond customary warranty periods by combining telemetry technology with the ability to be onsite quickly to support client corrective action plans. This group will offer a number of additional services including operator training, spare parts and system audits.

Modular Pre-Engineered Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

Combo Energy Services was awarded a one year rental contract with a major Oil & Gas client to provide utility services and on-site operations for a remote construction camp in the Ft. Liard B.C. area. Due to the inaccessibility to the site by roads during much of the year, a C25 MBR wastewater treatment plant was selected for the quality of the treatment process and an on-site sludge management system was custom designed and built to significantly reduce costs associated with maintenance of the utility system. A Rig Combo will be mobilized to site to support the drilling rig crew once ice roads are in place.

A C25 MBR wastewater treatment rental plant was mobilized in Q3 for a major natural gas Operator in Colorado on a long term contract. There are now two C25 units supporting drilling operations for the Operator in the North Piceance Basin. Due to the quality of the treatment process; and local drought conditions; the Operator is recycling the treated effluent and using it for production hole drilling and road dust suppression activities.

FilterBoxx performance and innovation has been recognized by the Cleantech Group as it once again has been named to the Global Cleantech 100. The Global Cleantech 100 list is unique in the sector because it highlights the promise of private clean technology companies from all around the world, focusing on those companies which the players in the market feel are currently the most likely to make the most significant market impact over the next 5-10 years. The company will be recognized at a recognition dinner and conference in Washington, DC in early October.

About FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp.

FilterBoxx Water & Environmental Corp. operates as FilterBoxx Packaged Water Solutions and Combo Energy Services. FilterBoxx Packaged Water Solutions is a leading provider of packaged potable water and wastewater treatment systems to drilling, mining and pipeline camps, small municipalities and aboriginal communities. Combo Energy Services provides Rental, Service and Operations of a wide range of water and wastewater treatment facilities on a Design-Build-Own-Operate (DBOO) basis with units operating throughout Canada and the USA. FilterBoxx & Combo have offices in Calgary, Stony Plain and Grande Prairie, Alberta, Oakville, Ontario and Carbondale, Colorado

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