BWT acquires pharmaceutical water business from Christ

Dec. 22, 2009
MONDSEE, Austria, Dec. 22, 2009 -- In late September 2009 BWT Best Water Technology Group acquired the pharmaceutical water activities of the Christ Water Technology Group...
The headquarters of the BWT Best Water Technology Group is located in Austrian Mondsee. The company is the European market leader and global technology leader in water treatment. Since September 2009 "Christ Aqua Pharma & Biotech" also presents itself as a new brand and independent division under the common corporate roof.

MONDSEE, Austria, Dec. 22, 2009 -- In late September 2009 BWT Best Water Technology Group acquired the pharmaceutical water activities of the Christ Water Technology Group and a 49 per cent stake in the biotechnology business Zeta Group. In future the combined competencies and strengths present themselves under the new brand of "Christ Aqua Pharma & Biotech" as a separate division headed by Henrik Forslund.

As Europe's market leader in water treatment BWT is intimately familiar with the high demands and needs of the pharmaceutical industry. The strategic objectives of the company include the development, manufacture and marketing of products and processes for safety, hygiene and health. In years of close cooperation with Christ, numerous innovations such as Septron Biosafe, Sanisal and Ecosalt emerged in the BWT research and development centers. This innovative strength, in particular the increased use of standardized and self-produced components, will further strengthen competitiveness in the pharmaceutical segment.

As a result of Christ's previous membership of the Austrian group (1992 to 2005), over many years a common understanding of market and customer requirements as well as a unified corporate culture had already developed. Henrik Forslund: "Customers can now benefit from Christ Aqua's proven turnkey approach on the one hand, and from the expertise of BWT as a global technology leader as well as the security of a solid company on the other." This ensures that the new division can continue to position itself as a premier provider of complete solutions, and in many areas - particularly with regard to control technology, documentation / training, maintenance and service - distinguish itself from the competition.

With the 200 employees of the new "Christ Aqua Pharma & Biotech" division, BWT has a total of 2,700 employees in its 70 subsidiaries and associated companies worldwide. With the acquisition, the company expanded its presence through locations close to customers in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Ireland and China and India. With its modern treatment systems and comprehensive services, for 20 years the company has set standards in everything to do with water - whether in the areas of process water, heating water, boiler water, cooling / air conditioning water or drinking water.


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