Water treatment improvements for major brewery with new technology

Oct. 20, 2010
CHICAGO, IL, Oct. 20, 2010 -- Freshwater Technologies announced that after several months of laboratory testing for a major brewery, the FW Aqua Transformer treatment of water has improved product quality...

CHICAGO, IL, Oct. 20, 2010 -- Freshwater Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce that after several months of laboratory testing for a major brewery, the FW Aqua Transformer treatment of water has improved product quality. Based on the brewery's own comprehensive laboratory product testing, Freshwater has now been asked to pursue a FW Aqua Transformer system for the entire brewery.

In addition to providing improved product quality, our FW water technology will treat all of the water being used throughout the brewery. The treated water will also remove and eliminate rust, scale and corrosion in heating and cooling systems . This will result in the elimination of costly chemical treatments and significant energy savings since even 1mm of scale causes an 8 % increase in energy costs. A $600,000 FW Aqua Transformer is being considered to treat the total brewery water consumption of up to 555 gallons per minute.

Once installed, Freshwater will immediately target other brewery installations in the Latin American countries currently being serviced by Freshwater.

Freshwater's unique advantage is its ability to generate more productive use of water used in any industrial or commercial applications without the use of chemicals using only the flow of water. How is this accomplished? FW Aqua Transformer's water activation decreases the number of clusters in water molecules and reduces surface tension of the water allowing the treated water to penetrate deeper into the products being processed or the encrustations being eliminated.

Max Weissengruber, President and CEO states that "Our FW Aqua Transformer technology transforms the physical characteristics of an existing water supply to generate improved performance of heating and cooling systems as well as creating new applications that increase production yield and quality in food processing operations. The increase in commercial food yields easily covers Freshwater's equipment costs within the 10 year full replacement guarantee period. The company projects continued development of new commercial applications so our equipment becomes a productivity investment and not just a capital expenditure- "Partners in Productivity" is how we like to be known."

The Company believes that investors are looking for proven "green" technology providers and Freshwater certainly meets the "green" investment criteria. Information on Freshwater Technologies is available at www.freshwatertechnologies.ca and our filings and news releases are available at OTCBQ.com-trading symbol "FWTC."


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