Editor's Letter

April 1, 2019
Welcome to the March/April edition of Industrial WaterWorld where our feature article examines how refiners’ concerns about water stress are motivating them to explore treated municipal wastewater as an alternative water source.

Welcome to the March/April edition of Industrial WaterWorld. Refiners depend on water for heating, cooling and other processes, and having access to an abundant, secure and cost-effective water source is critical to maintaining a reliable and profitable operation. However, as Nick Johnson explains in our feature article on page 16, rising water stress and increasing water rates are casting a shadow of doubt on the viability of traditional water sources. In response, many have begun to examine the use of alternative water sources, and treated municipal wastewater is among the most promising.

Side stream filtration is an effective tool for the control of deposition and fouling in a cooling water system where heavy solids loading can strain even the best treatment program. The article on page 20 outlines useful factors to consider when determining the proper type of side stream filtration for your system.

The economic impact of water risk has been generally seen by industry through the lens of short-term costs associated with water treatment operations. But as Devesh Sharma explains on page 22, hidden costs contribute significantly to the long-term operating expense, dwarfing the initial capital outlay. As such, a holistic view of operational water costs and risks is essential for understanding the real cost of water.

Reverse osmosis is an effective way to purify water or wastewater for use in industrial processes but fouling in spiral wound elements can present a challenge. A project funded by Germany’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research aims to identify possibilities for reducing fouling in the RO process by minimizing spaces with slow cross-flow velocity. Uli Doelchow and Jens Lipnizki share details and insights on page 35.

We’ve also compiled lots of great products for your consideration, starting with our spotlight on valves and fluid control on page 24. It’s followed by our membrane product spotlight (on page 25), our new product section on page 26, and finally, our resource spotlight on page 29.

Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy this edition of Industrial WaterWorld!

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