JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The Stenner Pump Company has upgraded three of its Econ metering pumps, according to a press release.

The pumps are designed for use in outdoor or wet environments, noted the release. The new enhancements include a sliding cover over the control panel secured with a screw.

The three products undergoing improvements are the Econ FP, Econ Integrator™ and Econ T, stated the release. All are listed cULus for indoor and outdoor use.

“The Econ line offers compacts and diverse pumps with the patented quick release pump head for effortless tube replacement,” reported the release.

The Stenner Pump Company was established in 1957, shared the release. It manufactures pumps for a variety of uses including dosing for disinfection, pH adjustment, corrosion, scale control and more.