NATICK, Mass. — Purdex LLC, an independent drinking water certification and research company that provides information about the quality and safety of drinking water, announced the release of the 2013 National Purdex Awards, which recognizes communities having the best tap water in the nation, according to a press release.

Based on a unique scoring algorithm called the Purdex Score, the National Purdex Awards recognizes the top three water departments from each state with the highest Purdex Scores, stated the release.

“Water departments around the country do a remarkable job of providing safe drinking water for hundreds of millions of consumers every day,” explains Thomas Keegan, MSPH, co-founder of Purdex. “However, a few water departments stand out and we wish to recognize their efforts”.

The Purdex Score algorithm is based on federal standards and has been validated by the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard University's School of Public Health, noted the release.

The Purdex Score objectively rates public water systems on a scale from 0-1,000; higher scores relate to better water quality.

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