HOUSTON — Laura Capper, founder and president of CAP Resources and James P. Welch, president of Welch Water Consulting LLC, two course instructors of the upcoming Shale Gas Tight Oil Water Management Cost-Reduction Training Weeks, offered insight into the training courses in a recent interview.

The training courses will take place in six venues across North America and will provide practical hands-on training from water experts with years of valuable experience, according to information provided by www.sgto-training.com.

The website states that the courses will benefit water, facilities and operations, completions and water chemistry engineers who handle the treatment, sourcing and transfer of water in both E&P (energy and petroleum) and water service companies, “looking to optimize current water strategies in light of the oil price environment.”

In the interview when asked what the key takeaways from each course were, Capper explains, “There are a lot of facets to water management that must be considered, and no one aspect can be treated as a silo; they all have upstream and downstream implications.”

She continues that if you plan to implement an environmentally sound and cost-effective water management system, you “need to understand not only the big picture, but every aspect of the underlying components, including sourcing, frac quality, storage, transportation, chemical interactions, regulations, etc.”

When asked what potential attendees should look forward to most, Welch notes, “Come with an open mind and challenge your understanding with industry peers. On your return, be ready to implement cost-savings initiatives proportional to your participation.”

You can find the entire interview here.

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