BOSTON — According to findings from Bluefield Research, wastewater reuse will increase greatly to help combat severe drought conditions, noted a press release.

Wastewater reuse for municipal utilities will increase 61 [percent] by 2025, requiring $11.0 billion of capital expenditures,” stated the release. Ninety-four percent of the activity is projected to take place in nine states, mostly Florida and California.

Wastewater is seen as a long-term solution to help states manage risks related to drought, shared the release.

Potable reuse is expected to grow from 15 to 19 percent of the total market by 2025, reported the release. Policymakers and utilities are encouraged to stay ahead of surging populations, anticipated future droughts and limited water supply alternative, which has led to the expected jump in potable reuse.

The report, titled “US Municipal Wastewater & Reuse: Market Trends, Opportunities, & Forecasts, 2015-2015,” can be found here.

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