WEST BRIDGEWATER, Mass. — REXA’s Water & Wastewater Industry Manager Erik Saitta will present a paper titled “Finding the Right Gate Control for Safe Storage of Wet Weather Flow” at the Ohio WEA-AWWA 2014 Technical Conference & Expo, according to a press release.

The conference will take place in Columbus, Ohio, August 26-29, and is hosted by two premier Ohio water associations, American Water Works Association (AWWA) Ohio and Ohio Water Environment Association, enabling water professionals to network and learn valuable information about technological and regulatory issues in the water industry, stated the release.

REXA’s Electraulic™ Technology is a revolutionary brand of actuation that combines hydraulics, electric operation, solid state electronics and user configured control, and Electraulic™ actuators offer a self-contained, positive pressure, sealed system with low power consumption, no filters and no hydraulic power unit, continued the release.

REXA’s design eliminates the high frequency maintenance requirements that are normally associated with hydraulics, reduces the amount of oil in the system by more than 90 percent, and allows for the use of biodegradable “food grade” oil as an option to eliminate any environmental concerns, noted the release.

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