NEW YORK — Pool Equipment Inventory Company (PEICo), a company dedicated to resolving common equipment and inventory-related problems in the nuclear electric utility industry, hired RWL Water to supply 16 skid mounted mobile water treatment systems, according to a press release.

Managed by PEICo, the nuclear energy industry has developed two regional response centers located near Phoenix, Ariz. and Memphis, Tenn., stated the release.

The centers deliver non-emergency equipment to North America's nuclear energy facilities, as well as are tasked with maintaining safety during extreme events with the ability to deliver emergency and non-emergency response equipment to affected facilities within 24 hours, reported the release.

The multimillion dollar order was received due to a collaborative effort from RWL Water teams in the U.S. and Israel, continued the release.

 “We are proud to have the capabilities within our organization to carry out the unique requirements of this project for our client,” said CEO of RWL Water, U.S. Operations Peter Gross.

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