ATLANTA — Osprey Biotechnics Inc. and Chemlink Laboratories are among 21 winners of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safer Choice Partner of the Year awards.

Awardees, spread across 15 states,  will be honored at a June 22 ceremony “for outstanding achievement in the design, manufacture, promotion and use of Safer Choice products for the nation,” stated the release.

“These winners demonstrate that Safer Choice-labeled products, which are safer for homes, schools, and workplaces and perform well, can also be good for business,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy in the release. “The name says it all: Safer Choice products are safer for you, your kids, pets, co-workers, communities and the environment. Our scientists employ a stringent set of human health and environmental safety standards when reviewing products for the Safer Choice program, so a product with the label is backed by EPA science.”

Safer Choice products must meet EPA’s Safer Choice Standard, reported the release. More than 500 formulator-manufacturer partners make more than 2,000 products under the label.

Osprey Biotechnics will be recognized as a safer formulator-manufacturer, and Chemlink Laboratories is a safer chemical innovator, shared the release.