OTTAWA, Ontario — SanEcoTec Ltd. announced AVIVE™ Healthy Water was the “People’s Choice Winner” among the 2015 Clean50 Top 15 Project Awards recipients, according to a press release.

AVIVE™ received the most votes for the Top 15 Projects, which are based on: “Overall impact,” “innovation” and “influential example set for others,” stated the release.

The Clean50 Awards are presented annually to “those who have made the greatest contribution to clean capitalism and sustainability in Canada,” continued the release.

The release reported that SanEcoTec is being recognized for its work in Killaloe, Ontario, for introducing AVIVE™ Healthy Water. Better Life.

SanEcoTec is a Canadian company creating healthy water programs and products for homes, communities, agriculture and healthcare, noted the release.

You can find the release here.