AUSTIN, Texas — Santa Fe, New Mexico, recently selected Badger Meter’s BEACON smart water meter solution for full installation across all of the city’s water meter endpoints, including both commercial and residential customers, according to a press release.

The contract calls for around 35,000 smart meters to be installed, stated the release.

This installment, according to IHS Inc., is the single largest implementation worldwide of cellular machine-to-machine (M2M) technology in the water utility sector, continued the release.

Around 600,000 cellular-enabled smart water meters will be shipped to the North American market annually by 2020, reported the release, and in the past five years as stated by IHS’ publication, The Smart Water Meter Intelligence Service, North American telecom providers have been altering business plans to target critical infrastructure.

“While the electricity space and the smart grid continues to dominate industry news, as it relates to the cellular M2M opportunity, it’s exciting to see the water utility space leap forward,” said Michael Markides, director of the Smart Utility Infrastructure Group at IHS. “Water utilities in North America are under pressure to improve operations, increase conservation and enhance customer service; however, in many instances they lack the capital, expertise and business model required to effectively implement new technologies.”

You can find the release here.