DAEGU, South Korea — The seventh World Water Forum titled, “Water for our Future,” wrapped up on April 17 and was heralded by those who attended as the most “politically impactful ever,” according to a press release.

The forum brought together more than 30,000 visitors from 168 countries, stated the release.

During the week-long event, the water community and decision-makers agreed that a top priority for the political agenda in the next decade will be to invest in water, continued the release.

A roadmap, to help guide this action, was formalized, paving the way for the eighth World Water Forum scheduled to take place in Brasilia, Brazil, in 2018, reported the release.

This is the first time a formal commitment has been signed at the World Water Forum to ensure all stakeholders take appropriate action, added the release, and the progress of the roadmap can be followed online.

The next milestone on the roadmap is the Sustainable Development Goals, which will be set in September in New York, noted the release.

“The [seventh] forum has demonstrated that it is the place where world leaders in the water community come to mobilize political action,” said World Water Council President Benedito Braga. “The pledges made during the 7th Forum will be carried to New York as a major contribution to the adoption of a Sustainable Development Goal on water.”

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