NEPAL — Torrential flooding in Nepal has resulted in over 100 fatalities with another 126 people confirmed missing, and has sparked a threat of major waterborne disease outbreaks, according to a press release.

Harsh rains across a three-day span caused several landslides, heavy flooding and damaged road infrastructure across Nepal’s western plains, stated the release.

The release reported that thousands of people have been evacuated by rescue workers and helicopters, and the rains are said to have destroyed entire villages.

Nepal’s National Emergency Operation Centre Chief Jahnkanath Dhakal declared that waterborne diseases, particularly cholera, could spread as a result of the flooding, continued the release.

In an effort to decrease the risk, drinking water kits are being provided to the worst-hit districts, Surkhet, Bardiya and Dang, where thousands have been relocated to temporary shelters, noted the release.

You can find the entire release here.