SAN FRANCISCO — The Smart H2O Summit announced it has made a strategic partnership with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), according to a press release.

The Smart H2O Summit, taking place in San Francisco Aug. 17-19, is designed to inform and educate key water stewards about the need to address issues of water loss, water waste and diminishing water supplies, stated the release. 

The new partnership will establish an information resource booth showcasing sustainable solutions for conserving water for commercial water users and other public utilities and a tasting station on the show floor for attendees to experience “the excellent quality of municipal water,” continued the release.

The collaboration, reported the release, will also focus on SFPUC recognition of organizations employing water-efficient technologies and a presentation titled, “Changing the Water Management Paradigm with Onsite Water Systems,” featuring valuable case histories and a blueprint for creating on-site water systems.

“Supporting efficient water use and conserving our precious water supplies are top priorities for us, particularly as California’s epic drought continues,” said SFPUC Water Conservation Manager Julie Ortiz. “We are proud to support forums like H2O Summit that help educate our customers about effective water-saving technologies and practices that have worked well in our service area.”

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