SINGAPORE — The Singapore Environment and Water Industry Programme Office (EWI) awarded a $1.4 million grant to Grundfos, a global pump and water technologies manufacturer, according to a press release.

Grundfos was awarded the grant to develop a novel wastewater filtration technology that can substantially reduce capital investment and operational costs for wastewater treatment, stated the release.

The release reported that the grant comes under the National Research Foundation’s Incentive for Research and Innovation Scheme (IRIS), which provides funding support on a competitive basis for research.

The IRIS is administered by EWI, led by PUB, Singapore’s national water agency and various partner agencies, added the release.

In addition to funding Grundfos’ R&D project, which will focus on industrial treatment of wastewater using a unique cake filter made from activated sludge, the grant will also include a pilot demonstration of Grundfos’ technology following “successful proof of concept,” noted the release.

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