HONG KONG, China — Since its opening in October 2011, the Starbucks café in Hong Kong, China has been using water from a tap in a toilet to make beverages, according to News 9 Finance.

A local newspaper showed images of a sign above a tap near a urinal that said “Starbucks only.”

Starbucks said water was collected less than five times a day by staff from the tap in the bathroom located near the store, stated the article.

"There is no direct water supply to that particular store, that's why we need to obtain the drinking water from the nearest source in the building," Starbucks spokeswoman Wendy Pang said.

Pang added that after taking water from the tap it would go through a filtration system in the store until it passed local and World Health Organization standards.

The store is now using distilled water, noted the article.

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