STOCKHOLM — Colorado-based CH2M has received the 2015 Stockholm Industry Water Award, according to a press release.

The company was recognized for “developing and advancing methods to clean water and increasing public acceptance of recycled water,” stated the release.

“CH2M has long recognized that our global community cannot afford to use water once and dispose of it — freshwater sources are too precious and growing more scarce,” said CH2M Global Water Business Group President Greg McIntyre, in the release.

“We are proud to receive the 2015 Stockholm Industry Award for our leadership in the evolution and acceptance of purifying wastewater effluent to create drinking water,” added McIntyre in the release.

In addition to creating refined methods for cleaning used water so it has drinking water quality, CH2M also invested in social science research to build public understanding and acceptance of the potable reuse process, noted the release.

“Through rigorous testing and analysis of both technical processes and societal perceptions, CH2M has created the opportunity to close the urban water loop,” reported the award committee’s citation.

The award was begun in 2000 to encourage water achievements and improvements in production, managing risks, finding solutions and managing water wisely, shared the release.