WESTERVILLE, Ohio — The Source Water Collaborative (SWC) reported in its recent call to action that changes to water quantity and quality challenge the U.S. to redouble its efforts in protecting water resources, according to a National Ground Water Association (NGWA) press release.

In conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act in December 2014, the SWC, consisting of 22 national organizations including the NGWA, issued its call to action titled, “A Recommitment to Assessing and Protecting Sources of Drinking Water,” stated the release.

“Why a call to action now? As a nation we face a host of water quality and quantity challenges that are both pressing and ongoing,” said SWC in the release. “Persistent threats and challenges, and disastrous chemical spills highlight the importance of safe drinking water to public health and local economies.”

SWC’s vision, noted the release, is that “all drinking water sources are adequately protected,” and the U.S. will gain “profound public health advantages as well as economic benefits” as a result.

You can find a full copy of SWC’s call to action here.

Read the entire press release here.