DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. — In August 2014, a news release covered in WaterTech e-News Daily highlighted how a teenage girl, Delaney Hill, in lieu of presents requested donations for her birthday on Aug. 25 to provide clean drinking water to disadvantaged people around the world (you can find that news release here).

Hill initiated a “dress-down day” at her school, St. Paul Lutheran School in Boca Raton; and alongside Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF), raised $9,000 in donations matched by the Clean Water Team to total $18,000, according to a press release.

The donations will help to provide clean, safe drinking water for 10 years to 1,500 people, continued the release.

Hill started her campaign for safe water in 2011, when she first raised money on her birthday for the cause after being inspired by Rachel Beckwith’s story — a young girl who raised $220 of her $300 goal to donate towards the cause of clean water shortly before passing away from injuries sustained from a car crash at the age of nine, noted the release.

“It’s no small thing for a young person to deflect their birthday attention to others, but that’s exactly what Delaney has done,” said WWIF President and Founder Guillermo Guzman. “It was truly a sacrifice for her. Not only is this the second time Delaney has given up her birthday gifts, but she worked hard on both occasions to make sure everyone understood the significance of her campaign.”

The release noted that 10 people are provided with clean water for 10 years for every $120 donated.

Read the entire release here.