DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. — Teenage Delaney Hill is dedicating her birthday, which is on Aug. 25, to raise funds to provide clean drinking water to disadvantaged people around the world, according to a press release.

Hill previously made the same request three years ago on her 11th birthday, after being inspired by the efforts of Rachel Beckwith of Bellevue, Wash., who shortly before passing away at the age of nine on July 23, 2011, from injuries she suffered in a car accident, raised $220 of her $300 goal to donate to the cause of clean water, stated the release.

The news of Beckwith’s death and her campaign immediately went viral, culminating in donations exceeding $1,200,000, and touched by Beckwith’s story, Hill requested donations on her own birthday, once again sparking the news to spread, and between her birthday donations and the contributions from schoolmates, Delaney raised $2,500, reported the release.

The release continued that in conjunction with Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF) and Safe Water Ghana (SWG), the raised funds were used to impact the lives of nearly 1,000 people in Bagliga, Ghana.

“I was inspired once again [to raise funds] when the Dean of students pulled me out of my class to have me speak with the younger kids,” said Hill. “As I go from middle school to high school, it makes me feel good that I can share the mission with the younger kids at St. Paul, so that maybe, one of them will keep the work going here.”

You can find the entire release here.