BIRMINGHAM — In the article, “Optimize your online presence,” featured in a previous issue of Water Technology, we discuss the importance of having an online presence in today’s world and how businesses can increase their return on investment (ROI) through designing quality websites and social media pages.

Even the smart and savvy business owner who implements countless quality tools to help create great online content can still encounter a number of irritating mishaps when designing a website. In the article, experts outline some of the most common mistakes business owners make while crafting an online presence:

  • Don’t crowd the site with too much content, too many pages to navigate or too much text.
  • Make sure font and photo sizes are easy to read and see.
  • Don’t forget contact information and a toll-free number.
  • Consider incorporating responsive design rather than creating a separate mobile site.
  • Make sure all information is current and relevant.
  • Keep in mind that some devices may not support certain multimedia software programs.
  • Hire professionals.

You can find the entire article on building an online presence here.