Being responsible for monitoring drinking water can be an overwhelming job. Organizing staff to monitor activities from source water to distribution water, managing massive amounts of data coming from monitoring stations, and dealing with a retiring workforce that "just knows" what to do can be difficult. Taken in a bit by bit approach, monitoring water quality and security from source to tap can be a reality for your organization.

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Top 4 things to do:

  1. Good Start! – Deploy Hach''s online sensors in the distribution system and the intake of your drinking water plant
    1. Sensors provide information to start understanding what the water looks coming into your plant.
    2. Source Water – Optimize coagulation feed, detect intrusions from other sources and protect the infrastructure of the drinking water treatment plant.
    3. Distribution Water – Understand your baseline data, detect cross connections, chemical overfeeds, understand the hydraulic model.
  2. Even Better! Add Event Detection with Hach''s Event Monitor

    Now that you have sensors, let''s make looking at all of that data easier to understand. What does normal look like? How can I tell when there is something in my water? The Event Monitor develops a baseline and combines the parameters in a unique way to display a trigger signal that is compared once a minute to the baseline. Some typical events we have detected in the past are discussed with the following link: http://hachhst.com/success-stories.

  3. Now you''ve got it! Add Remote Control with Hach''s CityGuard Virtual Command Center Interact with your remote monitoring stations as if you were standing front of them.

    The information from CityGuard will help you:

    1. Visualize affected areas
    2. Accelerate public health response
    3. Minimize damage to populations and infrastructure
    4. Optimize operations
    5. Reduce the cost of remediation
    6. Restore public water services more quickly
  4. WOW! Integrate all data with Hach WIMS for automated reporting, trending, notifications.
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For more information please visit:
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