SAN JOSE, Calif. — For truck fill stations, San Jose’s Environmental Services Department (ESD) is making recycled water from its South Bay Water Recycling (SBWR) system available to help conserve drinking water, according to a press release.

The recycled water will be available for three approved uses: City trucks performing sewer cleanouts, construction trucks spraying water to keep dust down at construction sites and street sweeping trucks misting street surfaces as they sweep, stated the press release.

The release reported that California’s water crisis resulting from four years of severe drought will most likely not be solved from recent storms, and the San Jose's staff has expanded the use of recycled water to help save drinking water.

One example of the use of recycled water, continued the release, is the BART project construction site, which utilizes recycled water to decrease construction dust, saving around 75,000 gallons per day of drinking water.

“We’re committed to continue to find solutions to ensure a stable water supply; every drop of drinking water still counts,” said ESD Director Kerrie Romanow. “We now can make recycled water available to commercial trucks that have appropriate water tanks and comply with permitted uses for recycled water.”

Seven filling stations are now in operation in the city of San Jose, and five recycled water filling stations are available in the Milpitas area, noted the release, adding that a filling station in Santa Clara is planned to open sometime this year.

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