CHICAGO — Two workshops focused on water rates for water utilities will be held in California this month, with the first workshop taking place Jan. 15 in San Francisco, according to information provided by the Alliance for Water Efficiency.

At these workshops, attendees will learn from experts and peers how to design rates providing stable revenue during challenging times while still “sending effective water conservation signals.”

Designed for general managers and financial officers, the workshops will feature senior utility managers representing different rate structures.

The first workshop, held Jan. 15, will take place at the PG&E Pacific Energy Center (first floor conference room) located at 851 Howard Street in San Francisco.

The second workshop on Jan. 28 will be held at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Room 2-145) located at 700 North Alameda Street in Los Angeles.

The cost for each workshop is $25.

You can find a flyer for the workshops here.