WASHINGTON — The U.S. Water Alliance released a report, “Coming Together to Protect Mississippi River Watersheds: Agriculture and Water Sector Collaboration for Nutrient Progress,” on common ground and innovative strategies between agriculture and water and wastewater utilities to reduce nutrient pollution in the Mississippi River Basin, according to a press release.

The report features discussions and recommendations of agriculture, wastewater and drinking water leaders with participation from environmental, business, academic and scientific, federal, state and local agency interests, stated the release.

The Mississippi River Nutrient Dialogues participants worked together to identify opportunities for targeted, localized solutions based on new partnerships, noted the release.

"Communities and waterways thrive when farms and watershed utilities work together,” said U.S. Water Alliance President Ben Grumbles. “The Nutrient Dialogues chart a clearer course to clean and safe water through sustained collaboration and innovation so that valuable resources are recovered and costly problems are prevented."

You can find the entire release here.