EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — United Water, a leading provider of water and wastewater services, has announced a new five-year agreement worth approximately $50 million with the West Basin Municipal Water District to operate and maintain the Edward C. Little Water Recycling Plant and four satellite plants, according to a press release.

The facilities comprise the only public agency recycling facility in the world that produces five different types of useable water out of wastewater, the release reported.

“The renewal of our contract shows the good working relationship between United Water and West Basin and high level of trust we accord each other,” said Bertrand Camus, chief executive officer of United Water. “We have been partners for two decades – working together to conserve and preserve potable water supplies in southern California.”

The Edward C. Little Water Recycling Facility produces over 40 million gallons of water every day for industrial and other uses, noted the release, and was recognized by the National Water Research Institute in 2002 as one of only six National Centers for Water Treatment Technologies.

“Recycling is a key part of our Water Reliability 2020 program, which will provide us with more locally-controlled, sustainable and reliable supplies of water in the future.  We appreciate United Water’s operating capabilities in partnership with our West Basin personnel,” said Carol W. Kwan, president of the West Basin Municipal Water District Board of Directors. “Our water supply is our most precious resource, and the partnership with United Water has allowed us to continue to expand our water recycling program and provide more quality recycled water to our communities.” 

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