STUART, Fla. — Treasure Coast Hospice (TCH) installed an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) light systems on all air conditioning equipment, according to a press release.

The UVGI systems have increased indoor air quality (IAQ) for the patients while also reducing HVAC maintenance costs, extending equipment lifecycles and increasing the efficiency of the units, stated the release.

Conducting a 90-day UV trial on one packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) with coil dirt buildup, TCH discovered the UVGI lamp substantially reduced the dirt and mold growth, reported Doug Pence, president of Absolutely Cool Air Conditioning LLC, in the release.

The success of the trial, continued the release, led to a two-year program of installing UVGI systems on PTACs in 32 patients’ rooms, in addition to 16 split systems servicing offices and common areas in both of TCH’s locations in Stuart and Ft. Pierce, Florida.

To help reduce the chances of mold growth on the air conditioning coils due to being located in inherently dark places with high moisture from condensation, Pence performs an annual pull-and-clean on the PTACs, and each PTAC is now equipped with a Tight-Fit Kit UV light system, designed specifically for PTACs’ cramped confines and fan coils by UVGI system manufacturer, Fresh-Aire UV, added the release.

"We like the concept of UV lamps on our HVAC coils," said James Smith, TCH director of facilities. "We estimate the UV program is saving us a great deal in maintenance costs and cleaning materials."