WASHINGTON — Through the release of a new briefing paper and events, the Value of Water Coalition highlighted innovative water practices and infrastructure projects throughout the U.S. during Infrastructure Week 2015 (May 11-15), according to a press release.

The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates $4.8 trillion is needed to invest in water infrastructure over the next 20 years to maintain “a state of good repair,” stated the release.

The release reported that in the U.S. today, a water main breaks every two minutes.

"Building reliable water and wastewater systems for communities across the United States was a crowning achievement of the 20th century,” said Value of Water Coalition Director Radhika Fox. “Since then, public and private utilities have been putting people to work to construct, operate and maintain essential infrastructure that Americans rely on daily. Now we are facing water infrastructure challenges as those old systems are over-burdened and worn out, but it is not all bleak. Water leaders are forging innovative solutions to our most pressing water problems. That is the hopeful news from Infrastructure Week — our problems are big, but our capacity for innovation is greater."

During Infrastructure Week 2015, more than 80 organizations hosted several events, continued the release, and participants in the events ranged from Vice President Joe Biden and cabinet secretaries to local council members, utility groups, academics and private sector partners.

For more information on Infrastructure Week, visit infrastructureweek.org and follow the discussion on Twitter with #RebuildRenew, noted the release.

Read the entire release here.