DENVER — VandCenter Syd (VCS) Denmark technologists and practitioners will present at the International Water Association’s (IWA) 2015 Nutrient Removal and Recovery Conference, according to a press release.

The conference, which started May 18 and will last until May 21, is taking place in Gdansk, Poland, and provides a forum for global technologists and scientists to come together to learn and share the latest technologies and concepts in nutrient removal and recovery, stated the release.

VSC Denmark is the third largest water and wastewater company in Denmark, reported the release, and VSC Denmark specialists along with their technology advisors from CH2M will present “Anticipating the Impact of Mainstream Deammonification through Advanced Process Simulation” and “Low Energy and No External Carbon Nitrogen Removal Using Optimized Process Control Strategies” at the event.

“[VCS Denmark has] attained significant results, including achieving positive net-energy status by recovering more energy from our wastewater than the energy spent in treatment to meet final effluent requirements,” said VCS Denmark CEO Anders Baekgaard. “We are excited to have a strong voice in the IWA conference and share our knowledge with the broader industry, as well as take lessons learned back for consideration to further advance our operations.”

You can find the release here.